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  -from head to toe–



Indian Head Massage                        50 minutes    $82

Tired, fatigued, drained?  Get that out of your head & fall head over heels for this – a unique seated massage based on ancient pressure points of the neck, shoulders, face, head & scalp.  Release tension & restore natural energies with this rejuvenating experience.  Assists to reduce stress from busy lifestyles, eases neck & shoulder tension & relieves eyestrain & headaches.  It also balances energy levels & improves mental clarity.  Your whole body will be rejuvenated!


Ear Candling                                          50 minutes   $64

A natural & painless heat therapy for the head & ears.  This rebalancing treatment is effective in toddlers through to adults for symptoms such as wax build up in the ear canal, ear & sinus congestion, headaches, earaches, swimmers ear, glue ear, vertigo, tinnitus/ringing in the ear, stress, anxiety, depression, colds & flu, hay fever & sore throat.  A deeply relaxing treatment that includes a face, head & shoulder Lymphatic Drainage Massage.


Blissful Bacial                                        60 minutes  $110

- a Facial for your Back 

Relaxing & deep cleansing for this hard to reach area.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, massage, mask, balancing, cell therapy & hydration.  This treatment intensively cleanses & exfoliates, removing impurities & promoting blemish-free skin.  While enjoying the warm sensation of the mud mask, your scalp is deeply massaged — re-energises soul & skin!


Rebalancing Reflexology

                        30 min $68, 45 mins $82, 60 mins $94

A special treatment of bliss which begins with a warming, aromatic foot bath that is deeply relaxing.  Reflexology is a simple, safe & effective therapy which balances & aligns the body through the application of gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet.  It assists the body’s natural healing processes, increasing physical vitality & well-being.  A unique way to relax whilst getting your body back into balance.  Rejuvenates & enhances mind, body & soul.


Benefits of Reflexology:

> Stimulates blood & lymph circulation

> Balances the nervous system

> Aids detoxification by helping your body to  

    eliminate toxins & fluid retention

> Boosts & improves the function of your

    immune system

> Helps normalise bodily functions

> Stimulates healing of body, mind & soul

> Reduces stress & increases your energy levels


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