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-holistic body treatments-


Massage Therapy

Treatments include:  Remedial, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Sports, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Stretch & Exercise Recommendations, Pregnancy, Aromatherapy, Cupping.  A combination of massage techniques can be applied so you receive a personalised massage!

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

> Reduces headaches

> Improves sleep & relaxation

> Increases blood circulation of oxygen & nutrients to muscles &

    body tissues

> Helps your body to eliminate toxins & fluid retention

> Reduces muscle tension & joint stiffness

> Contributes to flexibility & mobility of joints

> Injury prevention & recovery

> Maintenance of body tissues

> Reduces neck, shoulder, hip & back pain

> Reduces stress & fatigue, increasing your energy levels

Benefits of Aromatherapy:

> Specific, 100% pure essential oils are chosen to treat your  

    physical and emotional needs

> Restores your  sense of wellbeing & supports inner clarity

> Reduces tension & encourages inner balance

> Improves sleep & relaxation

> Relieves effects of everyday stress


        30 minutes $68

        45 minutes $82

        60 minutes $94

        75 minutes $112

        90 minutes $128

     Can be combined with Cupping & Reflexology

     Children under 16 years & Seniors 60+

     receive 5% discount

   Initial Consultation add $15

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Oriental Cupping

This deeply relaxing and classical treatment includes Massage Therapy to ascertain problem areas in the individual.  Cupping is a traditional therapy, performed by introducing heat into glass cups & placed on the skin.  The vacuum created produces a suction effect that has the ability to move vital energy & correct internal imbalances.  The glass cups are applied with varying pressure to rebalance the body and relax tight muscles.

Benefits of Cupping:

> Increased sense of vitality, balances the mind & body

> Increases blood circulation, therefore healing to the local

    areas where the cups are applied

> Removes toxins & metabolic wastes more efficiently by

    stimulating lymphatic flow & therefore improving lymphatic &

    immune system function

> Reduces muscle tension by relaxing muscle & connective


> Relieves pain-causing factors

> Enhances the effects of Massage Therapy treatments


Complementary with any Massage Therapy Treatment


For these treatments an additional 10 mins is allowed to include consultation time & sufficient hands on treatment.